Eko Club International (ECI), a registered trademark, actively participates in the provision of charitable support to the less privileged population in our society. Over the years, ECI has continued to provide various humanitarian services to the less privileged in our communities, including:

• Medical Missions
• Food drives/donations
• Clothing/toy drives/donations
• Scholarship awards
• Renovation of schools
• Provision of computer laboratory
• Monetary and non-monetary donations

As a 501(c)3 charity organization, ECI is well positioned to receive contributions from individuals and corporate bodies. Such donations to ECI are tax deductible under section 170 of the IRS code. With your support, ECI will continue to provide charitable services to the less privileged – without discrimination, in the nature of the coordination of the procurement and distribution of:

• Assembled medical services, e.g. health fairs and medical missions
• Food and gift items
• Non-monetary contributions to charities and non-profits
• Educational, social and welfare services
• Medical equipment and supplies
• Volunteer programs and community service projects

I invite you to support ECI, and together, we shall make the difference that we so much desire.

As Lagosians, we will also advance, promote and project the cultural, social and economic values of Lagosians globally.


Hon. Larry Ojo, RPH
President, ECI